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Most people think of divorce as a terrible thing – and its true that its never fun for anyone. But rather than focus on all the negatives, I realized that there are a lot of positive experiences and new opportunities that can come to us through divorce, and I wanted to share that with every other kid out there who’s going through what I went through.

My parents got divorced when I was six, and this was my dad’s second divorce. (I had three half brother’s from his first marriage who lived with us too.) My parents’ divorce was far from amicable and they fought over my custody. Eventually, my father moved to Colorado while my mother stayed in California. I was lucky enough to get to fly back and forth by myself from the time when I was eight years old, and got to see my dad each summer. Later, when they both lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, I took the opportunity to take control of my own schedule and experimented with various ways of living in tow houses at once. During all this time I also got to learn about parental dating and step-parents as both of my parents  variously dated, remarried, and even divorced  and married again.

Growing up through all of this, I was lucky enough to have my three older half brothers, each of whom had all dealt with my father’s first divorce. Thanks to them I was able to realize early on that divorce wasn’t the end of the world, and over time they were able to help me gain a unique perspective on my parents and their divorce.

Over time, and as I met more and more kids who’s parents had split, I realized that we had a lot of shared opinions and discoveries that we’d had to figure out for ourselves. I decided to write The Bright Side to help other kids through these situations when it often feels like no one gets it, or cares to, and to show that there’s a lot of good that can come out of a challenging situation like divorce, as long as you know how to look for it.

I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in June of 2007 after studying creative writing, and spent a year living in Brooklyn. I’ve since moved back to the Bay Area where I helped to build the writer community at Red Room, the online home of the world’s greatest writers. To learn more about what I’m up to now, visit the Agency for Social Media.