The Bright Side

One day, when I was about fourteen, my dad and my brother Milo were sitting at the dinner table, talking about ideas for books they were going to write. After a few minutes of lively discussion, they turned to me and asked “So, Max, what about you? What book are you going to write?” I hadn’t really thought about writing a book at that point, frankly, so I took a moment to think about it. What was something that I had a lot of experience in, some subject about which I had something new and different to say?

Of course, while I realized that I was going to write a survival guide about divorce for kids that night, it still took me a few years to write the book, and to get it right. The Bright Side was published by HCI in September 2007, a few months after I graduated from college, and it’s been more exciting than anything else to see kids use the book to make a difference in their lives.

If you or someone you know is going through their parents’ divorce, The Bright Side is a great tool to help kids take a lot more control of their situation, and turn divorce into a learning and growing experience (or at least make it a  lot less of a pain in the butt).

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